Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Sunset Fishing Expedition!!

We left Curry Hammock about an hour before sunset and came back to Knights Key. We had seen the Green Flash three days in a row and I started to pass on going to the Tiki Bar beach for sunset. I have literally taken thousands, not hundreds, of photos of the sunset at this location. But, for me, the beauty of the nightly scenes there do not get old.

Evin and I went on an arduous kayaking excursion yesterday and today I am in my recliner a little down in the back. So, I am going to play with my computer and doing some painting of the "Sunset Fishing Expedition" scenes from the other night. I would like to point out that these photos were probably taken in 15 minutes. I see the pelicans coming into view peripherally and my shutter speed is so slow there is nothing I can do to control when the shot is really taken. Some days the camera phone works better than others. Some days I get a lot of sunspots in the photos and I have to paint the sun spots out. I really don't know what I am doing and please don't ask me to repeat a particular color or contrast.

These first three are a similar scene take from different distances.

The pelicans just love to be in scene!!

I was not alone. These is where I was standing when I took the shots.

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