Tuesday, December 27, 2011

7 Mile Bridge!!

Knights Key is at Mile Marker 47 on US 1. We are also at the North end of the 7 Mile Bridge. You may remember the movie, True Lies. The bridge scene with Arnold and Jamie Lee was filmed here.

The PUPPYs' PATH leads to the bridge.

Stopping to pose as we walk into the sunset toward the bridge.

Tough photo looking into the setting sun!! The fish were biting!!

Looking from the old bridge toward US 1 bridge. Knights Key is in the background.

The PUPS on the old bridge PATH!!

The railing on the old bridge was made from the rails from the old railroad bridge. Originally, the railroad bridge was the only way to get to Key West from mainland Florida.

Waiting for the Green Flash!!

Although I didn't catch the Green Flash on film, it happened tonight, December 26, 2011.

The Gulf of Mexico is on the right, the Atlantic Ocean on the left.

The Green Flash seen, heading home!!!!

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