Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Stop Along The Way!!

I no longer remember just where these photos were taken in Michigan or Wisconsin. It was just a stop along side the road. This is just what we saw on that day at that certain moment. The light just seemed to be right, just then. My friend Buddy says, "Steve always takes time to stop and smell the roses (or any flower for that matter), I never would!!" I would hate to think that I had not taken time to see what follows. Just happened to be there and did they ever share their beauty!!

These flowers grew wild in a county park campground somewhere in Michigan or Wisconsin??

I remember that it was a tough cul de sac turnaround for a big rig; but a very peaceful, special place.

Our first DRV.

Sometimes man's work stops me also!!

Hey, Buddy, want to come along?!?!?

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