Saturday, December 24, 2011

Claire and Jackson's Keys Christmas Holiday Adventure!! Part One...

Claire, our six years old granddaughter, and her dad, Jackson flew down to Key West to spend Holiday time with us at Knights Key. It was Claire's first time in an airplane. It also was her first time in a kayak. But first, we had to do a few tourist things in Key West.

This one need no explanation!!!!

Can't get much further South than this!!

Isn't she just so sweet!! She is truly as sweet as she looks in these photos!!!!

A lot of "Southernmost" places to see.

Cool gate keeper!!!!

Guess this is the Southernmost fire hydrant.

Let's head to Knights Key and some fun....

As one can see, we were very close to the Atlantic Ocean, but Claire wanted to go to the pool!!!!

It;s Claire's holiday and what Claire wants, she....


Looks like "Nanny" has what she wanted Santa Claus to bring her for Christmas!!!!

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