Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Slight Bend or Curve in the PATH!!

For eight days around July 4, 2010 Evin, the PUPS and I crossed PATHS in Cooper Harbor, Michigan with our dear Ohioan friends Di and JR. Their friend, Ed, also came along for the ride or should I say fish. We had a great time and to be honest I did not take many if any photos of us fishing. We got up early every morning and my photo/camera mind just wasn't working all that well that early. Trust me, we did very well fishing. It was a dream come true for me.

The photos that follow were mostly taken on one day when I stayed back at camp with Evin and the PUPS. We did so much that day I will need to take more than one post to show you what we did. So sit down and relax and see what happens when one slows down enough to "....smell the roses along the way."

Our view out the rear window.

The view a short walk up the road from the campground. And, yes, Bill and Buddy, I take time to stop along the way....

Is Michigan beautiful or what?!?!?

What a beautiful drive. Copper Harbor in the Northernmost land in the Continental U S.

Wild Michigan blueberries....they were as good to eat as they looked!!

And suddenly, for real, there was a big bend or curve in the road!!

My words cannot describe how beautiful and breathtaking this view was!!!!!!

Around most every curve was natural beauty and ....

....... sometimes man made!!!!

But it is impossible to outdue Mother Nature!!

Apparently clothing was optional on this beach!!

And in this pool was life....

What a PATH the PUPS were on that day!!!!

Just have to do one more of Eddie....

Where this PUP wants to be after a hard day on the PATH to RVing adventure!!!!

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