Friday, December 2, 2011

FINALLY!!!! Leaving Indiana!!!!

We started our fifth week in the DRV parking lot and decided that the things left to be done could wait till Spring. Day after day of wind, rain and cold was just getting to be too much. We had planned to go from Howe, Indiana to Chicago and then take Route 66 to Oklahoma City to help my son, Trent, and his family get ready to move to Tennessee. But the time came for that and we were still in Indiana getting the "bugs out" of the RV. So we decided to head for Tennessee and spend Thanksgiving with Trent and his family and then go on to Florida for the month of December.

After four-plus weeks we are lined up to leave.... November 23, 2011.

Byron would be proud, our first night out was at Walmart!!!!

Trent and Amber's new house is the white one.

Amber and Aislyn fixing Thanksgiving dinner!!!!

Trent getting ready to carve the bird!!!!

Amber did a great job. What a wonderful Thanksgiving with family!!!!

So on to Florida....


 Evin and the PUPS on the PATH to Florida!!!!


  1. Glad you escaped Indiana before the weather got really bad --- and it does get really bad there, especially where the two of you were. Enjoy Florida!

  2. Glad to hear you have finally started traveling! What a nice way to spend Thanksgiving. Have fun warming up in Florida;o)) Hope you get to do some paddling!!!