Thursday, December 8, 2011


Couldn't get all the way to Mile Marker 47 and not go the other 47 miles to Key West. On the way we stopped at Habitat for Humanity and there just happened to be a banana tree in the parking lot. I wonder if that is a bloom on the bottom????

Banana tree!!!!

Next stop was Verizon. This rooster wanted a phone also.

 On to the waterfront!!!!

More feathered friends.

Happy hour at the Commodore's Boat House!!!!

The pelican flew into the photo.

Notice the bird feathers.

Sorry, Bill, these were on the sidewalk and I just couldn't resist!!!!

On the CVS building.

Brothers in law Zell and Steve getting into the mood!!!!

Street artist were everywhere. But we were at Mallory Square for the sunset!!!!

About 30 minutes before sunset the ships sail out toward the horizon....

Getting into position....

Do you like the photo better with the sea bird or not????

I think I like the second photo better....

Lighter or darker exposure????

One sailing ship or two?? Two masts or one??

Sailing into the sun or away??

Or right there??

Or ships way off in the horizon??

Can you tell I like sunsets and ships almost as much as flowers????

Same pose, but see how much difference the sunset makes!!!!

I paid the gull to be just in the right spot!!!!

Thought I would add another ship and another bird or two....

How about black and white????

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  1. Key West is a trip... but once is enough for us!!

    We love the less congested and commercial part of the Keys. One of our favorite places is Bahia Honda State Park. We kayaked all the way around the park.

    Also Big Pine Key is much more natural and we rode bikes here and saw the Key Deer!!

    Keep having fun!!!