Thursday, December 22, 2011

'ROOMS, TOAD STOOLS and OTHER FUNGI ....with a few stumps, flowers and weeds!!!! ....and maybe a lighthouse, too!! And a few friends and some of their talents!!

In my travels and on my walks on many PATHS with each PUPPY I have often seen mushrooms and other fungi. Their varied colors and shapes fascinate me almost as much as flowers do. I will start by bringing up a few that I have taken photos of and will continue to add to this post over time. To please Bill, I will from time to time add in a few flowers!! I will add a photo or two as I literally look through thousands of photos for the one or two I took of fungi at the time. So, just bear with me and enjoy our adventurous trip back into recent times of RVing.

Our friendly guide, "The Mushroom Hunter"...

A little closer....

Closer still!!!!

The above were taken at Price Lake on the Blue Ridge Parkway near Blowing Rock, N C.

As was this mountain laurel blooming I found from my kayak on the banks of the lake, Bill.

Which kind of reminded me of Michigan in the summer of 2010.... We were camping at Tahquamenon Falls Rivermouth State Park in the campsite shown below. You may remember that this is where I took my first kayaking trip....

 One day, Evin and I decided to go to drive to Sault Ste. Marie and take the road along Lake Superior. Just happens, it was....

In two hours and 500 photos we had gone less than 12 miles. Here is why we stopped so often....

How about if I add a wonderful lighthouse photo that Evin took???? Great reflection in the parking lot after a brief rain. She just happened to be there at the right time. Great job and eye Evin!!

A scale model we saw along the way.

Canada across Lake Superior from the lighthouse.

Kind of got lost looking through the photos for mushrooms!! Somehow, I ended up back in Michigan!!

Just happened to find this while I was looking for mushrooms and toad stools....

Dave and Jane's new home on Whitefish Bay near Paradise, Michigan. Photo was taken from Frank and Derek's new home that was being built at the same time....

Derek's photo of Jane and Dave.

By chance is it a dwarf dogwood???? On or near the beach near both sets of friends' homes. Is that some form of FUNGI that I see under the flowering plant??

Beach peas found walking from home to home.

Frank and Derek's new home while under construction.

How would you like to have this view every morning????

Frank is a VERY talented artist!!!!

You know me, I just had to show one more!!

....or TWO!!

Derek is a talented photographer. Their beach view in winter snow!!!!

Derek's shorebird photo!!

The trees grow right down to the beach!!!!

Derek's photo of the beach in April 2009.

Frank's photo of Derek looking out on the same beach in January 2009.

Derek under a frozen wave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lake Superior in winter!!!!

Frank, Steve, Evin and Derek after a great dinner at Brown's in Paradise. I promise mushrooms and toad stools soon... Stay tuned!!

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  1. Really enjoying the photos in Michigan. Karen is from the state and her dad spent his adulthood taking photo of lighthouses. I sent her a link to your blog.