Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sioux Falls: PUPPY PATHS' new "official" residence!!!!

As stated earlier, after many hours of research we decided to change our "official" residence to South Dakota, more specifically -- Sioux Falls. At the Spring RV-Dreams Rally we met Gail and Rick. They had just changed their official residence from North Carolina to South Dakota. I wrote, called and met with them before making the decision. To be able to get a driver's license, we had to be there in person. This meant a drive of around 1,500 miles. So we planned to go to Howe, Indiana to take factory delivery of our new home and then take the RV to South Dakota. Well, things did not work out as planned and winter weather was just around the corner, so, we make the decision to take the PUPS on the PATH from Howe to Sioux Falls. A recent post got us to the state line. More on Sioux Falls ...

This is the building where we will "reside"!!!!

8th and Railroad Center
The entrance to our "CONDO"!!!!
Evin and our "condo landlord" Larry.
Larry's daughter, Tina, is the "condo" manager.

If you look at the preceding photo you will see that we "sprung" for the penthouse. Looks like "Erin" and Steve have some mail. Our neighbors two floors down are Gail and Rick. It is a small world!!!!!

Our condo building has some great art work.

Why Sioux Falls has "falls" in its name!!!!
Just happened to be there at the right time to get this scene.
There is a great park at the Falls.
A slightly different view of the Falls.
Just had to show there were four of the geese origami.
There were origami models everywhere in the park.
I make it a point that wherever our travels take us to ask for points of interest and favorite restaurants, as well as favorite dishes. Larry said there was a restaurant in the building but that he was not into "rabbit" food. He is more of a Burger King kind of guy. "Sanaa's", specializing in Mediterranean cuisine was highly recommended. We really enjoyed meeting Sanaa and sampling her wares.
Evin got a three cheese fatayer.
I got a spinach fatayer combo meal. The fatayer has spinach and walnuts. My sides were saffron basmati rice pilaf and one of my favorites, tabbouli. Tabbouli is made with finely chopped parsley, mixed with bulgur wheat, tomatoes, onions, olive oil and lemon juice dressing. A late friend of mine introduced me to tabbouli. Sanaa's reminded me of my friend, Tom.
For dessert I just had to try Sanaa's baklava. It reminded me of my dear friend, Kay.
The view from our table.
This Sioux Falls meter maid has an interesting mode of transportation.
Yes, we did see pheasants in South Dakota. Downtown Sioux Falls even!!!!
Rain, snow and high winds followed us back to DRV. We woke up to white!!!!
We really enjoyed Sioux Falls. It is a great town to be from....
We start our third week at DRV on Monday, getting the "bugs" out of the RV. We had planned to be at the factory for 4 to 7 days, not nearly a month. We hope to head to the Southwest before Thanksgiving!!!! 

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