Saturday, September 13, 2014

Counting Our Blessings!!

For the past several days it has been raining. The PUPS and I have walked between the showers. Yesterday we did five miles total on three walks. Mary, who is a nationally known personal trainer, shared with me that three times a day walking a mile and a half or so each time is better than one five-mile walk. Plus the PUPS find adventure each time we set out on the PATH from our door here on Byron and Mary's farm. Today, three large deer almost ran into us. Doodlebug and Eddie went wild with excitement!! 

I keep searching for the perfect yellow flower shot or perfect rose. Here are a few of my attempts from the past few days. I had a fun lunch with my dear friends Kay, Joyce, and Sarah on Thursday. I also got to talk with my special friend Elizabeth, who I lovingly call "Mother". 

Thursday turned into a bonus when "my sister from another mother", Phyllis, made time for me in her busy schedule later that afternoon. Plus, she and Dotsy have a rose bush that I am fond of and I just had to take a few shots of it too!! All of the photos in this post were taken with my cell phone.

I had a special breakfast with Joyce, Mary and Byron this morning. A great walk with the PUPS when I returned this afternoon. The PUPS and I had planned to spend one or two nights on the farm with Mary, Byron and their kids. That was three weeks ago!!

We have also had the privilege of becoming friends with Joyce and her children and Jim and Dionne and their children. Plus, I have found a new church and a class where I am learning and growing. God has blessed the PUPS and me. We are grateful and thankful. 

Each day I think that the yellow flowers below that I see on the PUPS' and my daily walks will be gone. The smaller eight petal ones are all but gone, what with the cooler temperatures and heavy rains. The shots taken today may be the last ones this season. 

The flowers have brightened my days and cheered me up during difficult and emotional times. Loss of loved ones is never easy. The current PATH that we are on is truly enlightening and special!! Making new friends while spending time with old friends and loved ones is a bonus.

Can you see the yellow spider on the above flower?!?!?

Up close and personal!!

At times I mourn what I have lost in my life during the past twelve months. Much is beyond my control and I am powerless. In those twelve months I have lost my father, my ex-wife, my second mother and a wonderful friend and colleague to death. Neither my mother nor my second father know me because of Alzheimer's. Most importantly, I lost my wife, my companion on this journey. 

Living life on life's terms can be tough; it's not for sissies I've been told. But, I remain mindful of and thankful for what I have gained and learned, despite the pain and loss. I spent six wonderful weeks with great new friends in Payson, Arizona and many new friendships were made in the WINs and Escapees. We found lots of other special times with special people almost everywhere the PUPS and I traveled. Old friendships were renewed and strengthened. When one door closes, God opens others. 

The PUPPY PATHS blog attest to that fact that I choose to see my glass as half-full instead of half-empty. I do my best to search out beauty on every PATH the PUPS and I travel. As Nature's beautiful yellow flowers' season ends, I go forward anxiously and optimistically looking toward next Spring and new beauty. The same goes with my life and new relationships. If it is God's will, our blessings will continue to flow...

FIN for now!!

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