Thursday, September 25, 2014

Highway 29 Beauties!!

On Thursdays for the past month I have gone to Greensboro and had lunch with a group on friends. Each time I have seen roadside flowers that I kept telling myself that I would have to stop and take a few shots. Well, today, with only my cell phone I finally slowed down to see the beauty up-close and personal...

Above is one of my favorite shots of late.

I will close this post with two of my favorites of late. The first photo and the last two were worth my efforts to me on this day. Breaking bread with trusted friends and then the bonus of the beauty I found along side the road made this day really special.

It is hard for me to believe that the above photo was taken with a cell phone. It is in my top 10 favorites that I have ever taken. I have never printed or let alone framed and hung one of my photos. I may just have to do the one above or the one below...

Fragile Beauty!!

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