Monday, September 22, 2014

Hanging Rock!!

After church yesterday the group of friends that I have been hanging out with for the past month decided to head to Hanging Rock State Park near Danbury, North Carolina for a cookout and 2.6 mile hike straight up the side of a mountain. As you will see, the view was worth the hike. 

Kaitlyn, Jim & Noah take in the gorgeous view from the edge of Hanging Rock!!

The highest point elevation is 2,579 feet.

Kaitlyn & Noah, adventurous sister & brother!!

Daddy Jim, Blake & brother Ashton

Jim & Dionne

Mary & Byron

Hey "Driver", this photo proves I made it to the top, torn meniscus and broken leg and all!! No leg brace or walking sticks!! Do I look a little tired or what?!?!?

Joyce gave the photographer a pat of the back for making it to the top. This was her first mountain hike since breaking her leg on a Pilot Mountain hike.

Now that you know we made it to the top I will start back at the beginning of the hike...

Met a mother and daughter from Jacksonville, Florida on the way up to the top.

Blake looks up in amazement questioning if we are going to go all the way to the top!

Hanging Rock from the ground up view!!

Lily & Savannah sit on Daddy Byron's knee.

When we started we actually went in the wrong direction. But what follows is fun around the picnic table. I like to take photos of people when they don't know I taking them. Many of the following photos were taken that way.

Lookout Hollywood!! Here's DIONNE!!

"Say WHAT!!!!! Take a shot of this HOLLYWOOD!!!!"

"Bet you wish this blog wasn't rated PG-13!!"

"GIRL!! You didn't!!"

"Cheetos Little Man!!"


"That's my girl!!"

Talk MUCH!!

The photographer did take time to have a cheeseburger. Jim did a great job!!

Guess one can tell that a great time was had by all present in our group at Hanging Rock!!


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, it was a fun day with great friends. We are truly blessed in this country to be able to do what we did on Sunday.

  2. Steve, finally got to see this fantastic pics on my computer. Great pictures, great day, great fun, great friends and most importantly Great God for allowing us to spend this time with each other enjoying His beauty

    1. One of the best days ever!! Glad you enjoyed. Enjoyed walking with Blake and you.