Monday, September 29, 2014

A Baker's Dozen!!

Recently I was asked to think about doing a calender of some of my flower shots. So, I decided to pick our a dozen or so and see what everyone thinks...



  1. Steve, you do a great job with these floral close-ups. I'm having a really hard time getting the focus where I want it, with the nice blurry background like you've accomplished with these. I'm not so great with the technical aspects of my camera.
    Anyway, I read your post about attempting to limit how many photos you include on your blob. I agree, one of the hardest things to do is be selective and edit out duplicate photos that are of the same subject and narrow down which ones you choose to use on a post. But it is probably one of the most effective tools for making your blog more readable and inviting for readers. Keep trying!!!

  2. Again, thanks for your comments and questions. Probably half of the shots were taken with my Galaxy 4 cell phone. On my favorite, the next to the last one, I couldn't see what the shot looked like because of the glare. I just pointed and shot with the cell phone. Cropping helps and time of day and light are key.

    Until recently, all of my Nikon shots were done on "Auto" setting. Again, point and shoot. I do get close to the flower when I take the shot. Several of my photographer friends that are professionals ask me how I do it and to be honest, I don't have a clue. They have taken photos with me at the same time and of the same subjects and don't get the same results.

    I have never printed a shot I have taken. No room to hang them on the wall of my motor home. That is one reason I put a lot of similar shots on the blog just in case my hard drive crashes or something. I keep trying to limit the number of similar shots. When I trained bird dogs I had only raised one litter of puppies, couldn't part when them once I spent so much time with them. It was like choosing which child to give away. Same with the photos.

    1. Just had to add a thought. If you look at the September 19 post, "Shutting the Door", you will see many, many yellow flowers. But each one had a meaning to me and I just couldn't leave one out. I guess I am just hopeless, to date!!

      Another suggestion that was made was "less photos" and "more writing". I try that at times and especially like your blog for your writing as well as your outstanding photos. It just takes me a lot of time to write. As you can see, once I stop, it is hard for me to stop. Kind of like culling photos.