Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Eddie & Doodle Take A Ride!!

Each morning the PUPS and I walk close to two miles on the gravel road that leads to Byron and Mary's. It is a PATH the PUPS and I really enjoy walking. This morning there was an overcast sky, so, we hurried back to the "Bus" and I grabbed my camera. So as not to lose "the light", I drove the car back to the familiar yellow flowers and tobacco field before the sun popped through the clouds and it got too bright for ideal photo shooting.

The PUPS and I drive to one of my favorite spots on the familiar PATH and I stop...

...and when I get out of the car Eddie gives me a look of,  

"Hey, are you forgetting someone?"

When I use the dreaded four letter word, "STAY"!! 
I get an immediate response...

I ignore the PUPS' impolite tongue gestures and set about my business as usual, taking photos of what attracts my attention this beautiful morning.

Thanks for coming along on our morning ride!!

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