Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Searching For Peace

Today Evin and I took my father for his 30 day follow-up from his surgery. The healing is on schedule but the prognosis remains the same. It was an eight hour day and we took my father to his apartment for a long bath and a change of scenery. He also wanted to take a nap in his own bed. Hospital beds have taken a toll on his spirit. Earlier we had tried vegetables at Cracker Barrel and his taste buds and appetite are still lacking.

Earlier I had taken a few shots of the red geraniums at the entrance to the skilled nursing facility. While my father was napping I retreated to the Memorial Gardens to reflect and recharge my "peace batteries'...

...and then on to the Memorial Gardens...




Peace is inside job that is boosted by a little external stimulus from time to time. Once again a little grasshopper brighten my day. I just recharged my batteries.
Tomorrow is another day.

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