Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Red & Yellow and Then Some!!

I continue to struggle with capturing the colors red and yellow. If there is too much sunlight then the color washes out. If there is not enough light then details of the flower are lost. I continue to attempt to capture the color and the details of the flower that I see with my eyes. Near where our motorhome is parked are some red and yellow lilies. Close by are some other interesting colors.

Yesterday, Evin and I got new phones. I now have a Samsung Galaxy. So I took some shots with the Nikon D7000 and a similar shot with my Galaxy phone camera.

I will start with the Galaxy...


And now the Nikon D7000...
Lady Bug!!


Tiny Grasshopper

What do you think?
Galaxy or D7000


  1. I favor the D7000 I think the color a closeups are much clearer - and I just got new glasses!!!You need some gallery representation my friend!!!

  2. The last 10 or so photos were taken with the scene setting "autumn colors". Not sure if I like using that setting.