Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday Morning Rain!!

We are under a flash flood watch in our area. It rained hard most of the night. Eddie is not a fan of thunder and lightening. He got so close to me that it was like I had another layer of skin. So, when the rain slacked off just a little this morning I ventured out with my trusty Nikon...

The above shot taken without flash may just be my best calla lily shot to date.

I took the same shot again with flash and it came out a little softer. May even like this one better!?!?!

Got a little closer up this time and again the flash went off!!


Without flash and no adjustments at all, just framed.

And now, there are two shots I want to revisit, my two favorite rose shots to date...

Back to now.
The yellow calla lilies are starting to fade, yet, they are still beautiful to me...
The Japanese beetles, the heat, time and rain are taking their toll on the calla lilies.

Can you see the rain drop on the single beetle in the center on the flower?!?!


A little different view than the similar one a few shots up,


At a distance.

Beaten down but not out!! Still a beauty!!



Pushed Over By The Rain

The Trumpet Flowers Hangs Downward Naturally.



Last night before the rain...

 ...this morning during a long, long rain.

The Rain Nourishes Beauty

Sit And Rest A Spell


The Sun Will Come Out After The Rain!!


  1. Beautiful shots - the rain drops are AWESOME - the beetles not so awesome - I never did care for the Beatles :>)

    I agree with the best shot thus far for the lily -

  2. I often try to show the stages of life as represented by flowers. The Japanese beetles are often a part of the life of the calla lily. At times it was raining so hard there were not drops of rain on the flower, just all water.