Monday, July 8, 2013

For My Friend Dick

My artist friend, J. R. ("Dick") Secor,  has been a source of encouragement for my photographic efforts. He has suggested often that I make and prepare some of my prints for sell. Until yesterday, I never thought that I had a worthy shot. I have never printed or framed a single photo that I have taken to date. I am approaching 100,000 photos on my external hard drive.

After the rain I went out and tried to improve upon the flower shots I took on July 4. I had taken a hundred or so shots when I came upon a day lily that was in its prime. Again, it had just rained and I know that Dick likes rain drops on flowers. I took several shots and when I downloaded them I was finally pleased. Maybe one of these would be worthy of framing????

I will let "the eye of the beholder" be the judge...


Thanks Dick!!!!


    I would say that these are my most favorite yet - in your face closeups are great for framing and with rain drops - well - it's a no brainer!!!!!

  2. Which one of the above would you frame????????????