Monday, October 1, 2012

Pigeon Key - The End of the Ride!!!! - Part 2

There are some scenes at the end of the ride that I often take for granted. So, in this post, I will pay a little attention to what I often overlook. In some cases I will show the same photo twice. The first one, where there are two of the same, is as taken with no editing or no lightening/highlightening.

 Photo taken after sunset and unedited other than straightening.

Same photo lightened so one could see the rust in the iron work.


Photo taken after sunset. Shown as taken.

Same photo lightened so one can see highlights.

This photo was also taken after sunset.

This is the same lightened so you can see details.
Taken after sunset.

Lightened for detail.


This is the end of the 2.2 mile ride on Old 7 Mile Bridge to Pigeon Key.

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  1. More great photos Steve - can't wait until we get down into Florida. First stop is at Fort Pickens for 2 weeks and that is just a couple of weeks from now!!!!! :>)