Thursday, October 11, 2012

Part 2 - The Colors Just Outside Our Door...

Just before we moved, after selling our "sticks and bricks", I took time to record what we were leaving. We had lived there for over 5 years and, like many, we had taken our surroundings for granted. Yesterday I took closeup photos of the flowers "just outside our door". This morning I took photos of the same subjects at just a little more distance...

We live in the first RV on the right after you have entered the front gate. You can see our bedroom slide on the far right of the photo. It is black and pearl.

We are now on the left side of the photo. The photo shows the view looking out toward the entrance.
Our RV home has the big "D" on the front.
The tree where the red flower photos of an earlier post were taken.


Here you can see some of the flower beds where I took earlier photos.


Doodlebug takes time to stop and smell the flowers along her way!!

I did this post for Evin and me. Years from now when Knights Key is a fond memory we will have these photos to enhance these memories.
Well, this is where we started. Hope you enjoyed seeing "the colors just outside our door".

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