Thursday, October 4, 2012

Breakfast @ Country Boy Restaurant

Our RVing friends, Dick and Melissa, are in Nashville, Tennessee. So, I am doing this post for them in hopes they will make time to go to Country Boy Restaurant in downtown Leipers Fork just outside Franklin, Tennessee. It is a rural area where many of the country music stars live, including Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. I'm told they often eat at Country Boy.

We were in Franklin (nearby Nashville) visiting my son, Trent, and his family. What follows are a few of the photos from the visit...

Guess who ordered Mickey Mouse pancakes?????
"A Z" had eaten Mickey's ear by the time I took this shot.
Whit was into French toast.

Hey RV PAINTER, order the "Backwoods Benedict"!!!!

The "General Lee" knows where to find a good breakfast!!!!

On the way to breakfast I saw some wildflowers. Asked Trent to stop on the way back to his house so I could take a few shots for Bill N...


Oh, to have a limber back again... How about Whit's finish?!??!?
After breakfast we headed to the golf course and I found flowers whenever  my ball went astray...
After golf, Trent and Amber hosted a "Fantasy Football Team Draft Cookout"...
The "pampered chef" and his helper...
A broken arm didn't slow "A Z" down...
Can you tell who has Granddad's eye????? Is she beautiful or what!?!?!?
The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree... Mommy Amber &...
...Daddy Trent with "A Z".
Trent cooked up some "finger lickin' good ribs"!!!!!
Some great burgers and all the fixings...

Did we ever have a great, great full day or what?!?!?!?

My kind of day... FAMILY, a party with friends, great food, golf and FLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Great photos - what are those blue flowers?

    You have piqued my interest in Country Boy - we will do our best to try and get there. I don't do benedict anything however the Mickey Mouse pancakes look right up my ally, or the french toast or if they have a breakfast burrito with chorizo!!!!!
    Thanks for the tip.