Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Early Rounds @ Knights Key Harbor

Last evening, Evin, the PUPS and I made early rounds around Knights Key RV Resort and Marina in the security golf cart. The rain had stopped only a few minutes before we departed. What follows is what grabbed my photographic eye on our PATH yesterday...

This is a flower that was in a box of the golf cart of my neighbor, Stephen.
The drop of rain water about to fall off the bottom flower intrigued me.
A cluster of bloom pods about to burst open with their brilliant colour.
Top's up today because of the rain shower!!!!

I don't know what year this Pontiac convertible is; but, I will find out and update this post. The reflection of the car in the rain water pool is what grabbed my attention.
Found "The Lifeguard" doing a different job today. Working on a dive boat!!
Similar photo as above but lightened.
Fishing from the Knights Key beach...
I do take photos of somethings besides the Old 7 Mile Bridge!!

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