Monday, October 1, 2012

Left Hand Luckey's Ride!!!!!!!!

On the spur of the moment Evin and I decided to go to the Chinese restaurant just up the street for lunch. After a great lunch as I was pulling out of the parking lot I decided that I just had to have some tomatoes for breakfast in the morning. After all, what is one of my "famous omelets" without some sliced tomatoes on the side?!?!? There are two choices for groceries in Marathon -- Winn Dixie or Publix. Evin decided Winn Dixie because of the fuel discounts that apply for grocery purchases.

A creature of habit, I usually stay in the car while Evin grocery shops. Consequently, I look for a shady spot to park. As fate would have it, there were no shady spots today; but, a place opened up in front of the store. As I was about to lay the seat back and take an "after a buffet lunch" nap a really cool ride pulled in beside me. As you are about to see, there was no nap in the cards for me today...

This is the first thing I see!! Suddenly my eyes are wide open...
After a few minutes I come to my senses and get out with my Droid...



 I couldn't decide which photo of Kenny I like best and since it is my blog I put all three in the post!!

Thanks to Kenny for allowing me to photo his really cool ride. A true piece of art!!!!


  1. That's a real beach buggy!! Beautiful!!

  2. Seeing Kenny's van makes me want to get my truck done in a similar fashion. We will see you in a few weeks. Glad to see you finally did another post. What did you think of the turtle painting?