Thursday, March 20, 2014

Doodle & Eddie Point A Gamble Quail!!!

In case you wonder what the PUPS and I have been up to, I will start with a few minutes ago and work backwards in some other posts. My Verizon "jetpack" has been acting up and using a lot of gigabytes. So, I have stayed off the Internet for a while. 

On Sunday we moved to Benson, Arizona to the Escapes Co-op park. I was happy to learn that several of the friends I made in Quartzsite were here as well as some of my WINs friends from Sierra Vista Elks Lodge.  

This afternoon Doodle, Eddie and I were sitting out on the concrete pad beside the "Bus" when suddenly I saw them perk up and then go on point. I heard a Gamble quail call and then I saw one moving in the bush where the PUPS were pointing...

I released Doodle and she ran over to the bushes and went on point...

My movement caused the quail to run and I followed. Soon I went "on point" with my cell phone camera...

Glad to be back on the blog...


  1. We stayed at this park last spring. Don't miss the trails behind the park through the desert. Head for the one you can see going up to the water tower and follow the trails in the back. Also, the town of Bisbee, a few miles down the road, is really interesting.

    1. Thanks for the ideas. Several members have gone to Bisbee and I plan to go before I leave this area. The PUPS and I will take the hike you suggested.