Monday, March 31, 2014

Beauty Is All Around!!!!

Arizona has a way on growing on you. The longer that I am here, the more I have come to really like Arizona. 

Today, the PUPS and I took a drive to the community of Roosevelt to pick up a letter from our dear friend, Carolyn, at the U S Post Office. Carolyn had sent me some photos from our time in Patagonia. I took my camera so I could take some shots of road side flowers, cacti and the mountains...

The above wildflower was in the Post Office parking lot.

Coulter's Globe Mallow

The PUPS set out on a PATH to adventure!!

Pat, "Fairy Dusters" do grow wild in Arizona. 

Desert Lupine was everywhere along the side of the road.

Desert Marigold

Desert Penstemon & Desert Lupine

Carolyn sent the package to me in care of General Delivery at the Roosevelt Post Office. While there, I was fortunate to meet a very friendly and beautiful lady, Kim. I left the Post Office and took the PUPS for a walk on a nearby lakeside road where I had seen some great cacti. While the PUPS were exploring and having a great time I took the above photos. 

At ten minutes to five I decided to return to the Post Office and ask Kim if I could take a photo or two of her. She graciously agreed...


What a smile!! 

The PUPS and I headed back to the "Bus" just in time to catch the beauty of the sunset...

A raven flies into view as I take the sunset shot.

Truly, beauty is all around. Who would have thought that one would find such beauty at the Post Office?!?!

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