Sunday, March 30, 2014

My New Hat & Where We Are At!!

My artist friend, Dick Secor, has called me "the flower man". So when I saw this hat at a National Park Visitor's Center, I just had to make a purchase... do you see why I bought the hat!!

Now for where the PUPS and I are "AT"!!!

The PUPS, Doodlebug and Eddie, say, "Welcome to our home site for the next week or so, Windy Hill Campground at Roosevelt Lake which is located off Arizona Highway188 between Globe and Payson, Arizona"...

Above is Tonto National Monument. The two places that look holes is the mountains are cliff dwellings. I, along with several WIN (Wandering Individuals Network) members, will climb up to the dwellings later in the following week.

Above is the upper cliff dwelling.

So, there is a lake here and where there is a lake and WINs there is...

And mountains make for beautiful...


Stay tuned for more shots of Roosevelt Lake and Tonto National Monument. Of course, I will do a flower and/or cactus shot or two... or three... or four...

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  1. looks wonderful Steve - need to put that area of Arizona on our list for next winter!! keep the wonderful flower pics coming. Love looking at all of them.