Saturday, March 8, 2014

A WINner DAY!!!!

The WIN group is very active. So active, in fact, some days there is almost more to do than I can do. While boon docking on BLM grasslands near Sonoita, Arizona I start each morning by walking the PUPS...

Later in the morning we went into Patagonia to see some birds and visit downtown...

...where the buck ran the birds off!!

We ate lunch at the Velvet Elvis...

... with Steve, Garth, Tom, me, Carolyn and Jane. The "Velvet Elvis" was voted the top pizza restaurant in Arizona in USA Today. They have their own special pizza dough and it is the best I have ever eaten...  

What a fun day!!


  1. You know.... the desert is a really interesting place. Love the action shot of the deer and the sunset picture.

    1. I have really enjoyed this area of Arizona. Much, much more than the desert in the Quartzsite area. I was lucky and caught the buck right at the peak of his leap.