Sunday, March 2, 2014

Flowers, Thorns & Mountains!!

The PUPS and I took a long walk this morning after the all-day rain yesterday. I was excited to see if the rain had brought out the flowers. My neighbor, Kitty, told me that there was some lupine near where the PUPS and I were going to walk and that there was a yard over in the golf course community that was a must see...

Above is lupine.

I walked by the yard Kitty had told me about but the flowers had not opened up yet. I decided that the PUPS and I would just have to come back later in the day.

After lunch the PUPS and I headed back out. Not far from our door was a Mexican yellow poppy that had opened up...

My left index finger may give you an idea of the size of the bloom.

The yard seen above was beautiful. Before returning to the RV I decided to revisit the lupine...

The end of Burruel Street @ Bridge Street is where the PUPS and I walk every morning and afternoon. We have enjoyed our stay and plan to move on toward Nogales, Mexico on Tuesday. We will be staying in Sonoita and visiting Patagonia, Arizona.

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