Sunday, September 6, 2015

Valle Escondido Revisited

Above and below are my photos of the pond that served as the inspiration for artist Kevin Macpherson's Reflections On A Pond:  A Visual Journal

We parked and I walked toward the pond's edge. Duck, previously unseen by me, scattered from the high grass into the safety afforded by the pond. I slowed down and walked back up the hill and noticed the flowers that were growing in the weeds and along the road.

It is easy to ride by and not see this tranquil place or the beautiful flowers. I know, I missed them my last time riding by the pond.

As noted in a earlier post, it is the view David and Wanda have from their living room window and deck. A wondrous sight that they do not take for granted. 

Not far from the pond is the field that first captured my attention and where I met Doug.

Many may drive by and not see the mass of flowers or only give them a parting glance. I wonder how many chance encounter travelers like us or even residents of Valle Escondido take the time to stop, get out, and take in the individual beauty, like colorful snowflakes, that each blossom offers. 

After our afternoon travels I slow down as we drive out of Taos Canyon and we look back toward Valle Escondido, a colorful and peaceful place. I roll down the car window and Evin snaps another visual reminder of the majestic beauty all around us. Tangible evidence of today's journey for later review, enjoyment, solace and reflection -- not unlike Kevin's art or Doug's poem. 

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