Friday, September 11, 2015


Represented by Sage Fine Art Gallery in Taos Plaza
Taos, New Mexico
(575) 613-3014

Note:  All paintings of Elizabeth Jose shown below are copyrighted by the artist.

The painting shown above is a visual representation of what I think of when Elizabeth comes to my mind -- an Airstream travel trailer and her native country, England.

The painting shown above is the cover for the  "Elizabeth Jose -- 2016 Airstream Art Calendar" shown below. Go to to order the calendar, prints or original paintings.

 Next door...


Elizabeth & Ray, our next door neighbors last night.

Elizabeth Jose and partner Ray Belian joined Evin, our friend Sherry, and me for one of my world famous breakfast omelets-fixed all the way!!

Elizabeth's painting above reminds me of Elizabeth & Ray, together hand in hand on life's adventurous journey.

Elizabeth Jose - Artist

Fate brings us extra special encounters sometimes. Two days ago I was doing a photo re-shoot of an artist that I had earlier featured on PUPPY PATHS. The artist had a customer and we had a few minutes to wait. I remembered that another artist had recommended that Evin and I visit the Sage Gallery in Taos Plaza. 

We walked a block or so to the gallery and excitingly Evin calls me over to see the paintings shown above. An artist is painting in the back of the gallery and proclaims in an English accent, "Those are my paintings!!" We meet Elizabeth and the next thing we know, we are neighbors!! Elizabeth only comes to the gallery three days a month. Was out meeting "FATE" or what?!?!?


  1. It was great to meet you and you make an amazing omelette!

    1. Evin and I really enjoyed our time with Ray and you, also.