Sunday, September 6, 2015


It would be an understatement to say that the loss of Doodle is constantly on my mind because my heart continues to hurt. A persistent void remains, despite all the joyful memories I have of her. It is as if we were attached at the hip. She could read my mind and moods and would brighten my day even during tough times. Doodle would bring my mother out of her Alzheimer's confused or vacant state. Doodle made friends out of perfect strangers. 

Yesterday, inspired by Kevin Macpherson's Reflections On A Pond, Evin and I returned to Valle Escondido where I took photos of the pond and more flower shots before stopping by Doug's house. If you looked at my two most recent posts I guess one could say that  I got carried away as I took over 900 photos. 

Okay, Bill, I plead guilty. BUT, in this post I have written more and there are only two photos. In my defense I offer that Doodle would have loved to have wandered about the field of flowers that Doug planted. I have to thank Evin, Bumble and Eddie for being so patient. For me, being in field of flowers with my Nikon is a momentary escape -- a distraction. Also, the creative process gives me purpose.

I wanted Evin to meet Doug and also share with him my PUPPY PATH's post Distraction where I wrote about the impact of meeting Doug and his reciting the poem he had written about the promise that we would later meet our loved dogs and horses in Heaven. I again thanked Doug for stopping to talk with me at a time when my grief over Doodle's death was so fresh. 

The flower above is a visual image of how I feel these days without Doodle by my side. 

As we were talking Doug pointed out that he could see that I had been in the field of flowers because on the seeds that were hitchhiking on my pants, socks and shoes. Doug encouraged me to collect the seeds and scatter them in a special place. A gentle reminder that there would be another spring and a renewal of Nature's inspiring beauty. Once again Doug's understanding and shared thoughts brought me solace.

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