Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Roadrunner Tours Horse Adventures

Yesterday on my return from visiting Eagle Nest Lake State Park instead of turning left at the entrance to Angel Fire RV Resort I took a right when I saw the sign shown below...

Several people we have met in Angel Fire have asked us if we had met Nancy Burch, owner of Roadrunner Tours Horse Adventures. We were told that Nancy is the hardest working person in Angel Fire and a person Evin and I should meet and include on PUPPY PATHS.

My eyes were drawn to Nancy's log cabin business headquarters and its attractive cooper colored roof. I could see horses and stables behind the cabin. I knocked on the door and was warmly invited in and was greeted with a big smile and firm handshake. I took a double take, for Nancy could have been a ringer for my late mother-in-law, who by coincidence was also an accomplished horsewoman.

Nancy Burch

I shared with Nancy that I was a full-time RVer and that my wife, Evin, and I recorded our travels on a blog and shared our experiences with other RVers and "RVer-wannabees". I went on to tell her that we had become friends with Jim Anderson at the Angel Fire RV Resort and that I had volunteered to present some possible day trip activity suggestions for the Resort's customers. The first person Jim suggested that Evin and I meet was Nancy. I showed Nancy our blog on my cell phone.

Nancy advised that she had two outings booked for the following morning, a family and a group of kids from a summer camp program. She invited Evin and me to tag along. She encouraged me to bring my Nikon.

Evin and I arrived the following morning at 8:30 and spent a little time learning about the outings Nancy offers before the other guest arrived. Evin was also amazed how much Nancy looked, talked and projected warmth and kindness like her late step-mother, June, did.

The guest soon arrived and we quickly learned why Nancy has the reputation of being a hard worker. Although her staff of Wranglers were saddling horses, Nancy jumped in and saddled and bridled several of the horses herself. She personally helped each rider mount their horse and adjusted the stirrups for each rider. 

Nancy questioned each rider about their experience and matched each of them with an appropriate horse. She then gave riding and safety instruction and observed each rider's skill level as they rode around the corral acquainting themselves with their respective mounts.

Soon the family was on their way to a morning of trail riding with lunch at the top of the mountain followed by panning in a stream for gold. One of Nancy's wranglers led at the front and another followed at he rear of the group,

Next up, Nancy and another wrangler saddled up mounts for the day campers and for Evin and me. As Evin and I were experienced riders, we watched Nancy with her kind demeanor instruct the day campers...

...and Nancy had attentive listeners.

Caught this little cowgirl posing for her Granddaddy Edd.

After a lot of time getting to know their mounts, the day campers lined up, eager to began their adventure.

And soon they were off to the trail and more instruction from their camp counselor. Evin learned that the day camp is open to any young person that lives in or is visiting Angel Fire. Part of the program is coming to Nancy's each week for riding lessons and trail rides.  

Dan giving the kids in field or on trail instruction.

Evin riding with one of the campers.

This cowgirl is a quick learner!!

Nancy then suggested that Evin and I go meet up the family group and observe some gold panning. Soon after we arrived at the tail-head, we saw the family coming down from the mountain into the valley.

Wrangler Dyllon leads the pack of riders.

Wrangler/prospector Chris giving gold panning instructions.

Hard at it!!

Golden memories were made today for the family from Oklahoma. I hope they enjoyed their adventures as much as Evin and I did.

Wildflowers as shown in the above two photos were everywhere!!

Evin takes a well earned break with Nancy after a fun-filled horseback adventure with Roadrunner Tours.

We invited Nancy to lunch but, after accepting, she got a call and had to take her trailer and load two hundred bails of hay. She surely earns her title as the hardest working businessperson in Angel Fire, maybe New Mexico!!



  1. I have ridden with Nancy. Really admire this woman. I had a fantastic time.....

  2. We had a great time! Nancy was amazing and the guides were awesome! We will definitely go again!