Friday, June 19, 2015


Evin and I may have bit off more than we can chew when we volunteered to plan "Enchanted Circle Day Trips" based from Angel Fire Resort and the new Angel Fire RV Resort. There is so much to see, taste and do we are no where near completion and we have been at Angel Fire RV Resort for two weeks.

When we travel Evin and I seldom make reservations. To a great deal, we depend on "word of mouth" recommendations from fellow RVers we meet, their blogs, the RV-Dreams forum, Visitor Center and campground hosts, locals and friends we make along the way. In our two weeks in Angel Fire we have made friends with two realtors that were very helpful, the owners of several restaurants, artist and art gallery owners, long-time Angel Fire residents, and several law enforcement officers.

Yesterday, we were truly blessed when, by chance, we made friends with two Angel Fire residents. A local realtor had told me I should not leave the area without visiting Enchanted Circle Pottery. I had been by the very attractive home/gallery of Kevin & Jo DeKeuster on U. S. Highway 64 between Taos and Angel Fire over a two dozen times while in the area. 

It is only a little over 5 miles west of Angel Fire RV Resort. The scenery you encounter on the drive is worth the trip.

View out Kevin & Jo's dining room/gallery windows!!

Evin and I thought we would be at Enchanted Circle Pottery for 15 or 20 minutes. Was I ever wrong!! After about an hour, Evin took the PUPS back to the Bus.  

We were greeted warmly by one of the gifted artist, Kevin DeKeuster. He explained that his wife and fellow artist, Jo, was out of town attending to her ailing mother. He invited us into his home and shared some interesting facts about their special pottery making technique. He first explained that Jo made the flat pieces of pottery art that we would see and that he made the round ones.Since he was alone he asked us to make ourselves at home and browse around the gallery while he took an incoming business call.

Kevin DeKeuster
Wood-Fired Pottery & Sculpture Artist Extraordinaire

You can call Kevin & Jo at 575-737-9640.

Their pieces are not only beautiful fine sculptural art, they are also functional. Their ware is lead free, dishwasher and microwave safe.

After he ended his call, Kevin invited us to come watch him create his art...

...and when he finished this piece he invited us through the place he stored bisque waiting to be wood-fired... their kiln pictured below. 

Kevin explained that Jo and he, with the help of friends and neighbors fire the kiln 5 to 6 times a year and that it is a 50+ hours process. About that time, Kevin's good friend and Angel Fire resident, Bill arrives after serving lunch to the homeless at his church. Repeat customers soon drive up with friends/first-time visitors to the studio/gallery to admire and purchase some of Kevin and Jo's functional art. 

Kevin asks Bill to continue explaining the kiln process...

...and soon the customers join in the tour. They graciously allow me to follow along and snap photos.

As the newcomers make their purchases, I noticed that Jim Anderson, Angel Fire RV Resort Manager, had been to Enchanted Circle Pottery before Evin and me... the Angel Fire RV Resort's brochures were prominently displayed on the gallery table where all Enchanted Circle Pottery business transactions take place. Evin and I both commented that Kevin and Jo's creations would enhance and complement the decor at Angel Fire RV Resort. Kevin advised that they would welcome the opportunity and that they share in Angel Fire's new vision.

Kevin's satisfied shoppers departed and Kevin invited Evin and me to join Bill and him for some refreshments. Time flew by as we shared life's experiences with one another. 

After a few hours together with Bill (above) and Kevin (below), Evin and I felt we had know each other and been friends forever. Both took time to look at the three part "Angel Fire:  An Enchanting RVing Destination" posts and gladly shared their favorite restaurants, scenic drives, galleries and other points of interest  in the Enchanted Circle area. They both agreed with our earlier selections and advised that they also were patrons. We learned that we still has much to learn about navigating the Enchanted Circle.

Kevin, a kind and gentle soul who posses a sharp wit and very talented creative mind and hands.

Kevin and Bill were please to hear of Angel Fire Resort's new marketing approach of promoting the entire Enchanted Circle and not just Angel Fire. We told them that we had recently had lunch with Mike Hess, the new Angel Fire Chief Marketing Officer, and that all parties shared a common vision. Kevin commented how he was really impressed with Jim Anderson from the RV Resort.

I shared with them that last year around this time I had the opportunity to spend several days with John Kitts, Angel Fire Resort's CEO, and shared his vision for Angel Fire as it relates to the Enchanted Circle. Last month we reconnected and a drive over from Pilar led to a change in plans for Evin and me. We were on our way to the Colorado Springs and teh Air Force Academy to visit our oldest grandson. A meeting with Jim Anderson led to a promised one night stay and that was two weeks ago. Along the way John Kitts introduced Evin and me to Mike Hess, who we immediately liked.

Bill smiled and said he was pleased. He then invited all parties discussed above to join him and his wife, Lucy, at the Angel Fire Village's pot luck dinner on Saturday. Evin and I enthusiastically accepted Bill's kind invitation and I promised to pass the invite on to Mike and Jim.

Kevin and Bill walked us to the door and agreed to one more photo. Evin and I were on to Taos to the closest restaurant both parties agreed was great. We parted with handshakes and hugs, exited about the possibilities at our NEXT stop along the way offered.

What fun and joy Evin and I experienced with these two kindred souls. Our PATH was truly blessed yesterday. It was easy to see why ENCHANTED CIRCLE POTTERY was recently selected "BEST ART GALLERY" in New Mexico. Kevin and Jo sure get our votes.

Update:  A few days later Jim Alexander, Evin and I stopped in at Enchanted Circle Pottery and had the delightful opportunity to meet Kevin's better half - Jo.

JoAnne DeKeuster
Award Winning Wood-Fired Pottery & Sculpture Artist

Evin and I can hardly wait to get back to the Bus and fix a drink in our new Enchanted Circle Pottery mugs.

Jim really enjoyed Kevin's tour and explanation of their creative art making process. As we travel Evin and I will treasure our mugs and our fond memories of meeting Kevin and Jo.

We're on to new adventures in and around the Enchanted Circle...



Here is a hint...

On both our visits to Enchanted Circle Pottery Evin and I were able to do the above. When travelling the Enchanted Circle take time to meet two remarkable artist and extraordinary people - Jo & Kevin


  1. Was the interior of this studio not stunning, and did you not make amazing pictures of it!! Yes and yes. I love the warmth of the portraits you made of them laughing and being themselves. Totally unposed - great journalism!
    It's one of your best pieces, Steve!!

    1. Your kind comments bring smiles to my face. As much as I love fine art I can't believe I went by Kevin and Jo's without stopping. I lose sleep thinking about people coming to the Enchanted Circle and missing stops like Enchanted Circle Pottery, St. James Hotel, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and Villa Philmonte. Your encouragement keeps me trying to get the word out.