Sunday, May 24, 2015


Once again Doodle, Eddie and I find ourselves at Cochiti Lake on the Rio Grande south of Santa Fe and north of Albuquerque. We enjoyed our time here last year with our WIN friend Sherry and new friends we made here, Debbie and Jesus. We wanted to share the experience with Evin and Bumble, but, to date, the stormy and windy weather and RV repairs have not allowed as many fun times as we anticipated. 

Debbie and Jesus came up for the weekend with their younger son and his growing family. The wind has kept the kayaks off the water this Memorial Day weekend. But, I have not let that deter me from looking for Mother Nature's beauty.

And if you slow down and look real hard you can find beauty. Do you see the blooming cactus in the above photo?

Eddie, Doodle and I often pulled over and soon we saw beauty everywhere we stopped!!

I see beauty in ordinary roadside thistle...

...and other roadside flowers and weeds...

Still can't resist taking a shot of desert globe-mallow.

Jesus and Debbie have been coming to Cochiti Lake for over 30 years. They advised that this is the greenest Spring they can remember.

Evin and I finally got to kayak on the Rio Grande. We were not alone. The skies were threatening more rain.

The PUPS and I rode the PATH to Cochiti Lake and found only two beehive cacti. Above is one we found today.

One last barrel cactus to finish this post.

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  1. You are so fortunate to be there during this wet spring to see so many cactus blossoms!