Thursday, May 14, 2015

Shidoni Bronze Foundry and Galleries Revisited!!

Regular followers of PUPPY PATHS may fondly remember the June 30, 2014 two part post:  BRONZE!! Part One:  HOT & MESSY!! and BRONZE!! Part Two:  BEAUTY!!  

I took two of my all-time favorite photos (shown below) while at Shidoni Bronze Foundry and Galleries last time. During a Saturday morning tour I learned about the Lost Wax Bronze Casting process. My eyes were drawn to pot where the wax was heated and two of the containers that are used to collect the hot wax...

Last time I visited there was so much to see that I did not even get to the detached gallery near the entrance. 

Today, Evin and I were in for a special treat. Shidoni's founder, Tommy Hicks, has a showing in that gallery. 

Tommy Hicks
Founder of Shidoni Foundry and Galleries 

Below are just a few of Tommy Hicks' pieces of art that caught my eye...

Above is Evin's favorite of the Tommy Hicks works shown in this post.

If you get to the Santa Fe area do not miss:

Shidoni Bronze Foundry and Galleries
1508 Bishops Lodge Road
Tesuque, New Mexico  87574 

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  1. Very cool. It would take a lot of $ to mount all the rocks that we have collected :-)