Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Prickly Pear Stop

The truth of the matter is that Doodlebug has a heart murmur and her diuretic medication requires frequent pit stops. I spied this spot and pulled over. We got out and what did I almost step on but the prickly pear cactus to Evin's right.

Color was everywhere I looked!!



  1. Thank you. The drive down through White Canyon to Glen Canyon was super!

  2. Hi Steve and Evin--finally got around to logging on to your blog, very nice!
    We wanted to thank you again for rescuing us out in the middle of the Valley of the Gods--sheeesh, never too old to let your battery die I guess. I'm sure we would have eventually gotten out of there (not that we were in any hurry), but we were sure glad to see you guys! Safe travels and thanks again,
    Paul & Linda

    1. Great to hear from you. Glad you made it out of the Valley of the Gods. We recently had dead battery issues also and got help also. Enjoy your travels.