Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The PUPS are a little peeved!!

Doodlebug, Bumble & Eddie were not happy about the recent post that featured Laci. As before, they demanded equal time citing that, after all, the name of this blog is "PUPPY PATHS" and they are "T-H-E PUPS"!!

" 'I' am the inspiration for this blog and the author had better not forget that fact!!", says Doodlebug.

The "Princess" on her pillow!!

 "Laci has not cornered the market on 'cute'", says Bumble.

"Did I just hear Laci heading our way?!?!?", questions Eddie. 

"I can pout with the best of them!!"

"You looking at me?!?!?"

"This photo taking is real hard work!!"

The real PUPS of PUPPY PATHS!!

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