Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ms. Jane Dunlap Brings Beauty To Cleveland, Mississippi!!

This afternoon I spent just a few minutes with a lady, Ms. Jane 
Dunlap, whose talents and gifts I  have been admiring while visiting Cleveland. I have mentioned "Ms. Jane" in other posts; but, today, I got to visit with her in one of the downtown Cleveland rose gardens that she makes so special and beautiful. I have spent many hours taking photos of her handiwork. She had brightened my days and brought me much joy.

Before I saw Ms. Jane I was taking a few photos is the rose garden at the Martin & Sue King Railroad Heritage Museum...

...and for the first time I heard the ducks quacking. So I crossed the road at the "DUCK XING"... 
 ...and stood on the bank of the bayou.
Lisa Miller, the Museum Director, had told me about the ducks and the great photos opportunities that the bayou and ducks make.

Lisa also shared that the trees native to Mississippi line the left
bank of the bayou.

After taking the photos of the ducks swimming in the bayou I went into the museum to share an earlier bayou photo with Lisa Miller and who did I spy but Ms. Jane. Lisa helped me "twist" Ms. Jane's arm and together we convinced her to allow me to take a photo of her in the museum's rose garden...
Ms. Jane Dunlap


I left the Museum rose garden and hurried in the fading light to the Municipal Building's rose garden...

So I headed back to the car in the dark and enjoyed Cleveland's Christmas light show on the Crossties Walkway...

Ms. Jane's sharing of her time and talent is truly a gift to the citizens and visitors of Cleveland that just keeps on giving.

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