Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Cleveland Municipal Building's Roses!!

Today I met Ms. Jane and she advised that she also cared for the roses down at City Hall...

I started taking shots in full afternoon sun.

Full sunlight means shadows.

Softened version.

Sharpened version.

Full sunlight is gone.

Cropped closer than the shot above.

The above shot and the one below captured light in the tightest part of the bud!!

Shot above is a sharpened version of the shot above it.

Below I will end with shots taken of the first rose almost two hours later... No full sunlight and thus no shadows this time.

 The Cleveland Municipal Building.

The rose garden!!

The clock was chiming Christmas songs!!

Two hours of enjoyment well spent!!
Plus, I walked almost three miles and met some really neat and nice people in downtown Cleveland!!!
Ms. Jane is a true treasure!!!!!!!!!
Thank you!!

The Cleveland, Mississippi Crossties Walkway during Holiday times!! 

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