Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fun With Dick & Melissa!!

We meet Dick & Melissa through the forum. Dick is an artist and Melissa is a writer and photographer. We first communicated via email and/or by commenting on each other's blogs. We later met in person in Elkhart, Indiana because they were taking delivery of their Nexus motorhome and we were there for one of our many visits to DRV for repairs and service on our DRV Elite Suite.

At the time Dick had a wonderful blog, RV PAINTER, and I followed his painting process step by step and came to really enjoy his whimsical and sometimes irreverent monologue. I came to like his work so much I bought some pieces. One needs to understand that there is little to no space in most RVs to display art work. I make an exception when it comes to Dick's work. Just bought another small piece.

So Evin and I were very excited when Dick and Melissa invited us over to their new home in Punta Gorda. Although there was quite a storm, we had a great lunch at a downtown restaurant, walked in the pouring rain to a gallery displaying the works of other local artist and then returned to their home to see Melissa's latest book in person and to see Dick's latest paintings and some old favorites, up close and personal...

Melissa & Dick in the studio.
  "Balanced Diet"
J R Secor, Artist
On our way to lunch we went the point where it is believed that Ponce de Leon landed while he was searching for the Fountain Of Youth. The storm was not far off..
"A Gathering Storm"

"Fruit Salad"
J R Secor, Artist
The above painting is proudly displayed in our RV home.
"Mini Fruit Salad"
J R Secor, Artist
Above is my most recent painting that Dick pianted. It too will soon be displayed in our home. Can you tell I am very fond of his still life fruit paintings?!? It is only 4"x6" unframed so it will fit very nicely in an RV.
"The Point"
J R Secor, Artist
The above painting is one of Dick's most recent and also one of my favorites of his beach and palm tree series. It may be available for sale.
Some of the other paintings featured in this post are available for sale by Dick. So is Melissa Ann Goodwin's latest book, "The Christmas Village". You can go to and the other sites listed below in the comments section for more information on how to contact Dick and Melissa.


  1. That was a great visit we had - good conversation - good friends and good food what else does one need???

    Thanks for the exposure to my work and Melissa's work.

    Some link whereby folks can contact us and learn more about us are:

  2. Thanks for the additional exposure - my friend.