Saturday, April 27, 2013

Aislyn Plays Soccer!!

After five days in Red Bay, Alabama, Evin, the PUPS and I were ready to get on the PATH to Katy, Texas. My son, Trent, and his family recently moved there. After a wonderful steak supper at Trent and Amber's, we turned in early for in the morning there was a 9:00 AM soccer game...

Aislyn and Whit are intently watching the game...

...and after the game we walk by the Italian ice on our way to donuts!!!!

A Z and Daddy Trent!!

Can you tell that she is the apple of her daddy's eye?!?!
 Mother Amber!! The "apple" didn't fall far from the tree!!!!

 Big Brother Whit!!
The prettiest soccer player I have ever seen!!!!

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  1. Great looking kids!!! Nice that you guys will be near them all summer.