Sunday, April 14, 2013

Flowers Of Late

My artist friend, J R "Dick" Secor, once told me that salmon colored flowers were one of his favorites. My photography mentor, Master Photographer Carol Ann Dwyer, also suggested that I look for a bug on a flower to focus on.  So when Diana at the Ranch House Motel heard this she took time to show me one of her salmon colored hibiscuses...

... which just happened to have a ladybug as a visitor!!
How is the above Carol Ann?!?!?

Another salmon colored beauty was nearby.

Yellow happens to be one of my favorite colors; but, yellow has been a tough color for me to capture with my Nikon...


... until finally, it was a good day with the right light to capture yellow!!

"Thanks!" to Dick and Carol Ann for inspiring me to focus in my photographic efforts.

Did anyone see the honey bee??

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  1. These photos IMHO are BRILLIANT - GREAT perfect composition and the color is fantastic - love the lady bug and Ohhhhhhhhhh the salmon color is PERFECTO!!! These belong in a frame and on on walls!!!!!