Thursday, March 14, 2013


Evin and I decided to make a road trip to Key West today. Took the camera along and here is some of what we saw...

Local Fire Chief!!

"You Looking Over My Shoulder?!?!"

"Do I Have Tail Feathers Or Not?!?!"

"How About All My Gorgeous Colors?!?!"
 Beautiful Roosters Everywhere!!
Rooster & Hen

Why Did The Rooster Cross The Road?!?!?!
 This Rooster Crows,
"I'm So Handsome!!!!"
 "Just Look At Me!!!!!"
 Strutting His Stuff!!

Exercise Time!!


 Dad Finds A Site For Bedtime!!
 Mother Hen Says,
"Gather Around Chicks! This Is The Spot!!"

Mother Hen Calls All The Other Chicks For Bedtime!! 
Reluctantly They Come To The Roosting Spot!! 
A Goodnight Peck On Mom's Cheek!!
 One By One The Little Chicks Settle In For The Night!!
Everywhere Little Chick Looks He Sees The Feet And Legs Of His Brothers & Sisters!!
No Room Here!!
Or Is He Just Not Ready For Bedtime?!?!
Little Chick Asked Mother Hen,
"Mom, Do I Really Have To Go To Sleep?!?!?"

Little Chick Looks Again For A Place To Roost!!
Little Chick Protest,
"There Is No Room!!"
So, Little Chick Pushes And Chirps,
"M-o-v-e Over Little Sister!!"
But Little Chick Soon Pops Out And Says,
"Mom, I'm Thirsty!!"
"NO, It's BEDTIME!!", Mother Hen Insist... 
Proud Mom!! 

Proud Dad!!
"Free Ranging Chickens!!"
SOON!! Another Day Of Adventures!!
This post is for A Z and Claire!!


  1. I had forgotten about all the chickens in Key West. It looks like there is a plentiful supply on the way to continue the tradition.

  2. The mother hen let me get within a few feet of her brood. I just sat down and watched and clicked the camera. What a treat to watch. Hope all is well. We leave Marathon April 3.