Saturday, March 23, 2013

Experimenting With Birds Of Paradise!!

My mentor, Master Photographer Carol Ann Dwyer, reviewed some recent Birds of Paradise photos and made some suggestions of new things to try. So, just before sunset, Evin and I grabbed the camera and took the PUPS for a ride on the PATH to the...

...dump station.
That is where the Bird of Paradise plant is located!!

A slightly different look.
 The Bird of Paradise comes from the strelitzia genre and is a perennial plant that was first found in South Africa where is is most commonly referred to as a Crane Flower.
Again, another slightly different look. Of all the shots I have taken, the above shot is my favorite.
To me these blue petals look like a supersonic jet!!
We finished up, I thought, and went back to see what results we had; but, I decided to try some shots even nearer nightfall and with a green blanket as a backdrop...

Can you tell a difference?
Which do you like best?


  1. Beautiful - my favorite is the 4th from the last one.

    Great photos!

    1. The Bird of Paradise really fascinates me. Each plant continues to have new blooms with the two blue petals forming an arrow. Inside the arrow is pollen or stigma. There is also nectar here. The plant is pollinated by nectar-eating birds when pollen sticks to their feathers. I have seen photos of some with four and five blooms on the same single plant.

  2. Steve - the plant I had in AZ would get 4-6 blooms - it was wonderful!!