Sunday, March 10, 2013

John & Betty Mojjis @ the Marathon Seafood Festival

Evin and I had a wonderful time at the Marathon Seafood Festival. The highlight of our day was meeting and chatting with Betty Mojjis, wife of a fabulous artist, John F Mojjis. John does art tiles and acrylics. They once owned the inn in Lake Lure, North Carolina where the movie "Dirty Dancing" was filmed.

Betty & John were very gracious and allowed me to take  photos...


Betty gave Evin and me one of their tiles. Within minutes it was hung beside my chair and computer desk in the window I gaze out of 1,000 time a day. "Thank you, Betty & John!!" Your work will always have a special place in our home.

"Palm Trees"
by John F Mojjis
John F Mojjis, Artist
I saw this "T" shirt:  "Old Guys Rule"...
...and this neat tie dye...
...met Joanna & Juan who were also admiring and buying some of John's work...

...met their friend Steve...
...and captured memories for them...

by John F Mojjis

I came home and measured walls in the RV. Went back to the Seafood Festival and bought:

"Pigeon Key"
by John F Mojjis
John and Betty's website is:

Check it out, you will be glad you did!!!!!

What a great time was had by all!!


This is the view I have out of the RV's windshield. See the hanging art from the rear view mirror?

John, your art is in the two windows I look out the most each day. When we leave Marathon next month we will take a visual reminder of Pigeon Key with us. Thanks to Betty and you.


  1. WOW!!! Some very detailed and beautiful work there!!!

  2. Dick, "Fruit Salad" will have a special place at out dining room table buffet.