Tuesday, March 12, 2013

"Eddie" Trees A Florida Keys Squirrel!!!

My good hunting buddy, Don Stroud, and I talked yesterday. He shared that he had a new PUP, a Mountain Feist. Don hopes to train her to "tree" squirrels. Today, "Eddie" treed one of our local "squirrels"...

By the time Evin got my camera, all I could see was its tail. Note Florida Keys squirrels tails are not bushy like your everyday tree squirrel.
"Eddie" was serious. He would not back down...
Finally the "squirrel" climbed out on a limb where I could see it. It was hard to focus my camera because there was so much green everywhere I pointed.
"Eddie" also spotted it again!!
Well, Don, don't you think that "Eddie" is quite a "Squirrel Dog"?!!!! Bring your PUP on down and "Eddie" will teach her all he knows.

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