Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I will let the photos do the talking. The PUPS had a little problem with the PATH they found themselves on at Yellowstone. Because of the bears, wolves and coyotes they could not run loose or even be tied out on a lead outside the RV. Eddie had a fit every time we got close to bison or elk, let alone the grizzly. He rides in a Vari-Kennel and he would literally shake the sides of the kennel and the car when he saw a bison coming along side the car. The bison got real close and one time we were in the middle of a stampede.

Thanks to Wayne and Renae looking after us we were able to have a site with electricity for two weeks in Yellowstone. With their guidance, we were able to see a lot that we most likely would not have been able to see with out their help. All the campgrounds were full the entire two weeks we were in Yellowstone.

So, get ready for lots of photos. This big fellow really stopped traffic....

How is this for starters???? Does this get your attention?

Again, I took these with my camera phone. Do you realize how close I was to him????

Old Faithful did his thing, right on schedule!!

Can you see the bison in this photo? More to come....

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