Monday, August 20, 2012

Cody, Wyoming's Buffalo Bill Reservoir!!

The PUPS, Evin and I spent a week in Cody after two great weeks in Yellowstone with Wayne and Renea. They made our visit so enjoyable. We are so glad that our PATHS crossed!!!! They suggested that we visit the Buffalo Bill Reservoir. At the time it was built it was the tallest dam in the world.

The dam and visitors' center at the Buffalo Bill Reservoir.

The view from the dam toward Cody.

The dam is in the middle of the photo. To the left is the tunnel through the mountain.

Make that tunnels. This time from the other side....

Sorry, I like tunnel photos.

And where rocks were cut away for roads.

What a place to pitch a tent!!


  1. We need to go back to Cody some time. We spent a day in the Buffalo Bill Museum years ago and went to the rodeo. Good memories. The reservoir looks really nice.

    1. When you do, be sure to take the Chief Joseph Scenic Highway and from there take the Bear Tooth pass over to Red Lodge and then back to Cody. It is a circle drive. Plan for an entire day. I will soon do a post on our experience.