Saturday, August 4, 2012

On Our Way To The Tetons!! And Then Yellowstone!!


We have seen so much and had so little Internet or cell service that I have not been able to keep up the blog. On some days I have taken as many as 500 to a 1,000 photos. A lot to sort out as it has been months of taking photos and no blog to post them on.

This is the view out of our RV at the Lucerne Valley National Forest Service Campground. It is at the other end of the lake that you saw in the Flaming Gorge post. Can you see the prong horn antelope?

I just think this is a neat photo.

We were in elk country. This is where the elk get back into the high fence area and out of the road.

One of the most beautiful views I have ever seen. Can you imagine living on that ranch in the photos?

Evin and me at Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Our first encounter with bison.

Evin and the PUPS on a PATH with the Tetons behind them.

A like to take photos of weeds.


Mount Moran.

More to come....

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