Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Bakery & Cafe, Angel Fire, NM

To start your day of exploring and fun, I suggest you have a good breakfast. If you don't want to dine in, I do not know of any better place to enjoy breakfast than "The Bakery & Cafe" in Angel Fire. As you are leaving Angel Fire RV Resort turn right on US Hwy 64 East and go 6/10 of a mile and turn right on UM Hwy 434 at the blinking light. Go 2.4 miles and the restaurant is on your left.

This morning Evin had a giant pancake, scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage. You can look at her plate above and easily see what see thought of her breakfast. She was supposed to share her pancake with me. What do you think happened!?!?!?

"J P" fixed me a sampler breakfast plate with a wonderful gravy biscuit!! If you know me, then you recognize that I took my own tomatoes to complement "The Cafe's" supreme breakfast.

"The Bakery & Cafe" and its friendly staff and locals reminded me of my favorite restaurant back home in North Carolina. Evin and I met several couples that had been coming to Angel Fire for 15 and 20 years and this is their favorite place for down home food!! It's like Pat Sorey, Stan's business partner, told me, "If you don't serve good food in Angel Fire, you don't stay in business too long!!"

For lunch Evin and I split the locals favorite, the Navajo taco. GREAT!!

We also split the other local's favorite, the CHEESEBURGER!!
Made with fresh hand formed patties just like our favorite burger joint back home.

Now, that's what a real CHEESEBURGER looks like!!

"J P" rings the bell announcing that fresh baked goodies have just arrived from the oven!!

Save room for dessert!! I especially like the chocolate brownie and the cherry turnover!! Evin bought an assortment to take home. 

"The Bakery & Cafe" is open 7 days a week with a full breakfast menu from 7am - 11am. Breakfast can be ordered after 11 but you can't get hash browns or pancakes. Lunch is served from 11am - 2pm daily. The cafe reopens for dinner from 4pm - 8pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

In Angel Fire, it's "The Bakery & Cafe" for great down home cooking!! Go and enjoy, tell them Evin & Steve sent you!!

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